MK1 Documentation + Downloads

02-Instruction manual
03-Assambly Instructions
05-STL files for 3D printing
06-Mechanical parts
09-Material Guide
10-Empirical Values
11-Frequently asked question (FAQ) (comming soon)

Change Log:
19.06.22 – Publication MK1
27.06.22 – change stl: FG01, FG02, FG10, FP04
17.08.22 – adding low compression extruder screw
30.08.22 – change stl: FG14, FG15
01.09.22 – change assembly instructions for filament guide and extruder unit
19.10.22 – change stl: FP01
26.10.22 – change stl: FG01, FG02, FG03, FG04, FG05, FG11, SO01, SO02 (easier to print)

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