The setting values are created under the following assumptions:

Explanation of the table columns:

  • Sensor Distance: Distance between nozzle and point where the filament touches the sensor.
  • Fan Distance: Distance between the nozzle and the top of the fan.
  • Fan Power: Fan setting 0-99%.
  • Hole: Hole size in the nozzle in mm.
  • Weight: Attached weight to sensor in form of washers (M5).
  • Result: Fillet diameter in mm determined by digital caliper.
MaterialFormExtruder Temp.Extruder RPMWinder RPMSensor DistanceFan DistanceFan PowerHoleWeightResultComment
PLAPellets1901430-32130501,73xM51,73-1,77Fan inclined to the sensor.
PLAshredded 3D printing waste1791517-1912040401,72xM51,65-1,75Fan inclined to the sensor.
PETGPellets210924-2610040601,73xM51,75-1,80Motor current 2,55A peak.
PETGshredded 3D printing waste2011025-2610020781,71xM51,7-1,8

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